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It had been a fews weeks after the portal incident had happened and they had gotten into a lot of trouble with the queen she had went to their courters to find them missing and as any concerned mother would she sent out every one of her guards and officers and even capable civilians to find them. When she finally found them out in a field not moving she of course considered the worst had happened but was angered only to find them unconsious the whole kingdom would feel her sulking wrath and in turn only fueled their anger at the halfbreeds even more. At this minute they were currently in their mothers garden the only place they were permited to go in the Aftermath of the entire sitution. they had told their mother what had happened she had scolded them for doing something so dangerious but concluded that by saving their brother they were now ready to start their training and with concern to rin and rais scythe she said he could keep it which he was a little more than happy about The study was closed off once again sealed and guarded.

"Man this is worst" yuki pouted as he watched rin practice using the scythe he was happy to be out of that gloomy place and also to see his twin so involved in an activity for once but being stuck in the garden was boring for his standards he yawned once again and happened to glance at koji was sitting crossed leg eyes closed brow tight with concentretion aparrently he was training  to push himself harder then ever in order to make sure he was prepared for another disaster which he states they were somehow prone to encounter yuki closed his eyes remembering how he had hurt koji so badly his eyes held much guilt when he opened his eyes there were two eyes staring back at him which made his eyes widen in surprise as he almost fell from his place on the large wall but caught himself "what?" He said slightly agitated they both shook their heads "you had such a serious look on your face we were just making sure you were ok" rin said his brow lifted as koji nodded yuki looked kinda perplexed "and" rin added looking away with a slight blush  "I was wondering could help me with the scythe" he said with a slightly pleading edge yukis mouth tweaked with the signs of a grin "suure but first you've gotta do something for me" he said connivingly rin looked off to the side worried "I knew there had to be a catch" he thought sourly but there was no one else he could ask kouji was already busy with his own training and sighed "ok what is it" he said mentally preparing himself knowing yuki it was either humilation or hard labor " well first you have to give me all your sweets for two weeks" yuki said jumping from his spot on the wall and snatching the weapon form rins hand who just sighed crossing his arms "done what else" he said koji silently smiling at his older siblings behaviors yuki put his hand to his chin in a mock thinking pose "hm how about my servent for two weeks" he said with a devious smirk which made rin frown he closed his eyes turning his head "f.fine" he finally said yuki held out his arm which made rin look at it in confusion "swear on your vow as a man" yuki said with a serious face. Rin looked at him before extending his own arm they both pushed back their sleeves and fist bumped their knuckles koji now watching the whole thing with a hint of jealously "they twins so of course they paid more attention to each other" koji thought sadly until rin and yuki held out their fist in front of him he looked up at them perplexed "you too koji we are brothers after all" rin said with a smile that made tears well up in his eyes this was the first time they had included him in their act "come on little bro don't leave us hanging" yuki said with the human slang he had caught when they visited the human world with their father koji wiped his eyes with his sleeve before pushing it back bumped his knuckle against they'res the three of them smiling like idiots yuki being the first to break the moment "alright let's do this" he said holding out the scythe    

said as he pointed in the direction the scythe went rin eyes narrowed before he ran out the garden to retrieve the weapon as his eyes looked around for it when he spotted it wedged in a tree"there" he said softly as he jogged to it with a smile just as he went to pull it out a hand grabbed on the handle as he stared up theyre were five smirking faces gleaming down at him "well if it isnt crybaby rin" said one boy whose name was takumi rin stood as takumi picked up the scythe and frowned at it "what a tacky looking weapon" he said sticking out his tongue "can i have it back" rin said his eyes lowered the children of the kindom never like him or his brothers "no way this is the fang kings powerful kagematu scythe" said one boy as they looked awedly at it "where did you get this from halfbreed" takumi said accusingly but rin didn't make eye contact "hmm let me guess you stole your fathers weapon didn't you" rin lowered head "its mine now give it back" rin said strong and bravely his eyes hard with resolve takumi was ataken back but he smirked and held out the scythe as the others started to mumble complains rin reached for it but he retracted his arm out of his reach "I don't think so" he said as the group of kids started to laugh rin went to snatch it but takumi raised it out of his reach again "you want it so much go GET it" takumi yelled as he threw it into the raging river it started to rush down the river before sinking rin ran toward the rim of the river but stopped as he looked down at the water the current was wild and crashed against stray rocks his brows knitted with fear in heisitation  "what's wrong I thought you wanted your weapon back don't tell me your scared of a little water haha your just a chicken" takumi taunted snickering lightly as they all laughed at his expense rin lowered his head that scythe was his fathers legecy the only evidence that shows his existence that he was real because sometimes he would forget the little things like the sound of his voice of even the linger of his scent was disappearing he feared one day he would forget him completely like he didn't even existence rin frowned deeply that fairly flattered his boyish features his eyes glared a deep red at takumi who froze he suddenly felt suffocated he felt his heart speed up as rin looked back at the water takumi breathed a sigh of relief "what was that?" He thought to himself as he heard a splash who looked at where rin was standing they're were his clothes thrown on the floor they all ran to the edge "he really did it" one kid said lowly they all looked and rin was being carried by the rapids until he finally dived under they all waited with patient breathes but when about five minutes passed and rin still didn't come up they all paniced "maybe he's dead" said the same kid with his deep voice "were gonna get in so much trouble" another kid said sourly "this is all your fault takumi" said the kid takumi looked at him crossed "my fault?!" Takumi yelled his fist balled "your the one who threw it in the river so this is your responsibilty" the kids said pointing his finger accusing just as takumi was bout to object "RIN?" came yukis voice as he walked through the clearing he spotted them and walked over "hey have you seen rin"he asked with a little attitude "umm well" they all spoke at once and avoided his gaze he looked confused until his nose sniffed the air his eyes widened and them looked back at them their heads were all lowered his eyes narrowed as he grabbed takumis shirt and held him up "WHERE IS MY BROTHER!??" He yelled until one of the kids pointed to the river his eyes blinked and his brows knitted in pure terror he then grabbed the kid and snarled at him "takumi took the scythe and threw it in the river and he jumped in after it "the boy said quickly as they all were quiet he put them both down takumi patted his clothes "its about time you freak" he said just as yuki punched him in the face takumi flew into another kid as they both hit the ground "he can't swim you basturd" yuki turned on his heel and dived in takumi sat there on the ground stunned he raised a hand to his cheek and winced at the pain they all stared at the water they're was no sign of them "maybe they both drowned" one kid said slowly "puh good riddance" takumi said sulkingly just then yuki broke the surface he tried to swim to the shore but the water was pushing him down the currents they all ran down the shore but stopped when it cut short and they all gasped as they saw the water falling down a huge waterfall "if they fall from that they'll die"takumi said in horror they all looked toward yuki who was trying to freeze the water to hold onto pieces of ice but the current was too much and so he held rin close to him as he heard a loud sound he looked up to see yuki held rin above the water as they fell it seemed to go in slowmotion but as he fell he thought he saw his father and in his disoriention he reached out his hand but when he blinked he saw it was takumi his face was urgent "hold on" he yelled yuki looked up he saw his friends were all holding onto him and that they were trying their best he then looked down at rin who was still in his arms he then breathed out sigh but a sudden jerk caused his eyes to go wide they were being pushed back by the currents the boy yuu who was holding onto the rope started to lose his grip he tried to pull tighter at the rope tied to a nearby tree but it had started to rip as they clung to each other the deafening sounds of the water as it rushing down to the river made it hard to stay afloat their breaths quicken in panic yuki closed his eyes before looking up into the face of a terrified takumi until the sickening snap of the rope made them all yelp in fear as the rope finally completly severed they were thrown by the force made by the water they were dropping at a quick pace "at this rate well all die" yuki thought as he held rin closer to him looking into the unconsious face of his brother the sounds of the screams of the other boys were drowned out by the sound of his heart through his chest tears threatening to fall he tightened his eyes grudgingly "sorry rin" he said silently just as they were about to hit the water rins eyes shot open with a red gleam a dark aura surrounding him as a black substance extended out over the lake as they all fell into the dark blanket with gruff yells of surprise they sank in the water as it disappeared they took big gulps of air as they all broke the surface they padded to the shore they laid at the edge of the quiet lake all breathing hard as yuki trudged up the shore he dropped an unconsious rin on the ground as he gasped for air and then crawled to rins side he pumped at his chest as he blew air into rins lungs as they other boys looked on in disgust "eww" they all said just as yuki glared at them he snarled and they cowered abit yuki went back to work and began again rins face was tinted blue he had a bit of blood fell from his head just as yuki was about to pump again rin jerked his eyes opened wide as he choked out water and sat up gasping and coughing and then had collasped tiredly on the ground next to yuki rin he looked over rin and sighed as they all stood after knowing that rin was alive they all looked back at the water "what the hell was that" yuu said convictingly as they all stared at the waterfall "yeah shouldn't we be like dead right now" takumi said they all looked at each other before staring at the only one who was barely unconsious yuki looked confused he was sure that power came from him but didn't know how his little brother could possess such energy when his eyes widened on the side of rins face was a little barely visible strip of green "that's impossible"yuki said in a whisper until a voice broke him out of his thoughts "it was him wasn't it" asked takumi questioningly yuki narrowed his eyes at him "I don't know" he said simply that's when he heard a small groan as rin sat up holding his head "you ok?"yuki asked concerningly as rin tried to stand but fell he looked at him with a smile "yeah I think" he said breathlessly it wasnt until he noticed a small gleam of light did he see it yukis mouth went agaped in rins hand was the scythe he hadn't noticed it when he pulled rin out the water or anytime before he was so preoccupied with saving him he hadn't noticed that rin had successfully saved their dads weapon he smiled a sincere smile one that made his stomach feel fuzzy as random tears feeled his eyes he lowered his head his hair falling over his eyes he understood now rin didn't hate their father for leaving he felt exactally the same as they did he just showed it differently by risking his life for such a thing he was trying to preserve they're fathers memory the time they spent together and everything that went with it rin looked at yuki confused "hey what's wrong" rin said gaining everyones attention yuki shook his head and also his tears  yuki smiled faintly and ruffled rins head "stop it " rin said slightly irritably suddenly they heard yet another voice "yuki rin?!" Cried the voice when they turned their head towards the forest they saw it was the queen as she rode through the clearing her personal guards hot on her trail they all looked terrified "serves you right" yuki thought to himself rin watched his mother slide off her horse and trudge up to him hugging him close before pulling away  she pushed away his bangs to reveal the dried up blood on his forehead "your hurt what happened"she asked her voice steeming with anger the others  watched rin they held their breathes for they knew he would rat them out for sure rin glanced at them and saw the fearfulness in their eyes he then sighed "I'm gonna regret this" he told himself he then looked at his mother and bowed "forgive me mother it was my own carelessness" he said to her already expecting a scolding yukis brows frowned and made an attempt to defend him "but it wasn't.."he began but rin cut him off "it was my fault I went inside dads study and took his scythe I was going to put it back but then it fell into the river I didn't want to get in trouble for losing it so I jumped in and tried to get it back but I got caught in the harsh currents and hit my head on a rock I would've surely died if it wasn't for yuki and the others they saved me"rin said as he glanced at yuki who pouted in turn he knew what rin was doing "I'm very disappointed in you rin you not only put yourself in danger but your brother and takumi and his friends as well why would you do such a careless and dangerious thing?"the queen scolded him her anger rising but rin suddenly spoke
because...because its the last memory we have it made me slightly bitter I didn't want to feel that way i...I want to cherish that fleeting memory always" rin said with a smile she was surprised by his words and formed a warm smile she then pulled both him and yuki into her who both smiled faintly as she ruffled both yuki and rins heads who were now blushing intensely she spoke softly to them "my little ones its alright to take responsibility but if it means putting yourselves in danger you should have came to get me I'm just happy that your all alright" she then turned to takumi and the others "thanks to all of you I can be happy knowing my sons will breathe another day a mothers world is her children her life revolves around them her love for them is endless and no matter how much hates overwhelms us no matter how time passes love alone is enough to melt away that hate into nothing" the other children stood silent and regretful by her words in all the time they spent hating yuki and rin they never really knew why their parents told them they were different but really they were nomore different then any of them they all lowered their heads in shame the queen let go of rin and yuki and stood up "rin,yuki when your return to the castle you'll not leave your courters for the rest of the day" she told them both strictly and they bowed theyre heads "yes mother" they said quietly she gave them a sad smile and walked towards her personal guards and climbed aboard her horse as they trotted near the clearing entrance she turned to them" remember all of you children are the future and so your safety is our prime objective" she said loud with a charming smile before They all disappeared within the forest as yuki then took the initive to scold rin "what the hell did you do that for getting yourself in trouble for those
" yuki yelled not really caring if said party heard him "did you suddenly forget all the times they beat you up and teased you"yuki said pointing an accusing finger at them rins eyes was covered by his wet bangs that stuck to his face "of course I didn't...all those cruel and hateful words all the times mother would cry because of the bruises we would come home with because of what we are....I could never forget them...but I believe in her words no matter how much we fight and hate each other well always in some little way be family and if she can forgive them then so can i"rin said seldomly yuki stared at him in disbelief and then smiled "since when did you become to be so wise" he said ruffling rins hair roughly who winced "i still have a concussion you know"he said trying to push him away "ah your alright oh wise sage"yuki said jokingly but his smile faultered when he noticed the group of boys walking towards them prefurably takumi he turned towards them with a glare "what do you want don't you think you caused enough trouble"he yelled in anger takumi glared hard at his face and then dropped to his knees and bowed deeply they all stared at him in surprise "I'm sorry"he said and finally rose from his spot and trudged out the clearing his friends all ran after him calling his name as yuki and rin watched "I guess somethings do change" yuki said he then turned to rin "we should go get our punishment over with" he said tiredly rin nodded and they both headed through the clearing as they made it back to garden koji was sitting on the porch with a red ball in his hand he was dozing off but the sound of someone calling his name made his ears twitch as he rubbed the sleep out his eyes he saw his brother walking towards him and he dropped his ball and ran to meet them "yuki big brother where have you been" he asked innocently he stared at them for a while he then looked at the scythe securely in rins hand he then back at them both confused


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